Ready Mix Concrete

We offer concrete for both domestic and commercial projects. Domestic projects; such as foundations for: Domestic garages; Conservatories; Home extensions; Concrete walls, along with large commercial projects. We supply a range of specialist ready mixed concrete mixes designed to cover any project, no matter how big or small, including concrete mixes to withstand chemical abrasion; structural concrete and additionally adding colour to concrete mixes to add aesthetic appeal.

We offer a full range of concrete solutions which covers the following:

  • Structural concrete
  • Lightweight concrete
  • Various waterproof concrete
  • Air entrained concrete for paving and durability
  • Retarded concrete
  • Super plasticised concrete
  • Pumped concrete etc

We know that our customers want workability, quality, strength, and a fast and reliable delivery of concrete and this is what gives us out first class products and services available here at Mix it.

At Mix It, we only use the finest grade of concrete and are committed to ensuring:

  • Same day/next day delivery
  • Mixed to your specifications
  • No waiting or hassle
  • A range of time slots available
  • Tracking, which allows you to see exactly where your concrete it any particular time frame
  • Quality and Reliability & much more. please contact us with your specifications to find out what products and services we can offer to meet your needs.
Large white concrete mixer truck with Mixit branding all over it

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Here we highlight the journey of Ready Mix concrete from the batching plant to the actual usage area of the construction project, and in this process we will answer various FAQ's about Ready Mix Concrete.


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