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Line pumps are designed to allow for the more efficient pouring of concrete by transferring this liquid to various locations, even those normally considered to be too hard to reach.

Concrete pumps are useful when you need to get your concrete to a location which is not accessible by either our drum mixer trucks or concrete trucks. This can be in a rear garden, indoors and even upstairs. MixIt can provide Land Line Concrete Pump hire services. When booking a concrete pump, please call for availability of the type of concrete pump you require.

Landline or Line Concrete Pump has a standard distance of 45 metres and allow us to get the concrete to a location which is not accessible by one of our mixer trucks. Distances in excess of this will require additional personnel that will incur a small additional charge. A Landline Concrete Pump is more economical as compared to other types of concrete pumps, and is much cleaner and hassle-free than barrowing concrete on site. Please also allow for enough parking spaces to fit in both the pump and mixer, as they are separate lorries.

Concrete Pumping truck in white delivering liquid screed flooring

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